What Our Agents Say

“I’m Dana from Team Green. My husband, Kevin and I just wanted to take a moment to state the obvious. We are all so FORTUNATE to work for such an amazing company. Many of us came from other companies and will agree they don’t offer the training and opportunities Tim and Rosangela do. We benefit so much from the monthly meetings at Marriott and 1:1 meetings with Tim. The future definitely looks bright for all of us as we ELEVATE together. If you’re not taking advantage of all they have to offer, you need to. Thanks for letting me share my thoughts”


“I had been looking for a Real Estate Brokerage to help me grow my team for a while. I had a difficult time finding a company that would coach me and helps grow my team. I was invited to attend one of Tim Johnson’s webinars and I was impressed with his presentation on how to turn this job to a business! And this is why I felt that Elevate Brokers was the perfect company for me. Elevate’s coaching platform is excellent! I was able to create a business plan that I can easily follow. I have a Success Coach to help me implement all of their marketing and lead generation campaigns. My transition has been effortless and the progress is already huge. Another thing that stood out for me is their Servant Leadership model that motivates realtors to give back to the community. Elevate encourages all of their team leaders to use their businesses to support a non-profit organization in their area. This allows Teams to impact their communities by giving back. I have to say that I am really impressed with Elevate. The team that Tim and Rosangela Johnson put around them is awe-inspiring, and the company that they built is one-of-a-kind.”


“We’ve been in Real Estate for a while, and had a hard time finding a company with systems in place to help agents grow their own Real Estate business. Most Real Estate companies out there don’t provide agents and team leaders with a solid plan for growth and success. So when we received an invitation to attend one of Tim Johnson’s Seminars, we are so glad we came to see him! Tim laid out a plan for our team right off the bat. He showed my wife and I exactly how he did it, so all we had to do was copy and implement. His done-for-you marketing and recruiting ideas work. We have been with Elevate for a year and we are happy with the overall support that we are getting. They have always been willing to assist us with anything and everything we need, including Tim’s personal help in securing a Strategic Partner to help us increase our lead generation. The administrative support we get is bar none. Whether it’s for marketing, forms, webinars.. they are all willing to help. Training from Tim has always been wonderful, very hands-on and practical. Tim and Rosangela are genuine when they say they want to see you succeed. They don’t just say it, they are there to assist you in getting there. We are thankful!”


“Finding a company that excels on just about everything is quite challenging nowadays. I was already performing well as a Real Estate agent in Tampa but I was still looking to join a team with an excellent system in place to further enhance what I know about Real Estate. After attending Tim Johnson’s class, I knew I came to the right place! I had no hesitations and joined Elevate Real Estate Brokers right away. The training, communication within the company and their lead generation system are exceptional!  With Elevate and their “family feel culture”, I finally feel like I’m part of something great! I cannot wait to Elevate my business to the next level with this awesome team!”


“When I started in Real Estate, I was looking for that company that would point me in the right direction for success! I met one of Elevate’s agents during one of their open houses. I was impressed with their system and that became my deciding factor to take the opportunity presented to me to join this awesome team.  I am just getting started and the staff is awesome!”



“I’ve been in the Real Estate Business for a long time, but I always felt that I wanted to be part of something bigger, something that will touch all aspects of my life and not just the professional aspect. My friend, one of the Top Real Estate agents at Elevate Real Estate Brokers, told me about how this company touches lives through their Servant Leadership Model. After speaking with Tim Johnson, I decided to join Elevate and have never looked back. My business became better and have improved tremendously in such a short time. Elevate has helped me close more homes in the first few months that I have been with them than I did with my previous broker. They have given me the blueprint on how to grow my team and even helped me hire and train my first Inside Sales assistant. The best part of it is I am not just making a difference for myself and my family, but I was also able to touch the lives of so many other people. Elevate is not just a brokerage, it’s a new way of doing Real Estate. It’s my family. Best move I’ve made.”


“We are a husband and wife team and have been with Elevate Real Estate Brokers for a year now! As a matter of fact, our 1st Elevate anniversary is today! And I am happy to say that Elevate just keeps getting better and better! The quality of communication is excellent. Tim, Rosangela and the whole team go out of their way to help us succeed in this business. The done-for-you systems that they offer their teams are incredible. The Elevate staff members continue to exceed our expectations, they do everything that they can to provide us with tools that most agents out there never have access. We chose to join Elevate not only because of the guarantee that they would help build our business but also because of the fact that Tim and Rosangela are caring people and genuinely care about their agents. We are looking forward to continuing to learn and grow.”


“My real estate business partner Debi Bolusi and I have already established a strong team in our area but we were still looking for that company that will help us grow our business in all aspects. We knew Tim and Rosangela’s amazing reputation in the Real Estate community, so when we heard about Elevate opening up an office in Tampa, we knew we had to be involved!

We joined Elevate Real Estate Brokers because of the fact that Tim/Rosangela run this company based on Servant Leadership model. Aside from the unique lead generation and marketing system that they offer agents to help grow their business, Communication within the company is EXCELLENT! The social media part of this Brokerage is so far above and beyond! Amazing! Simply Amazing!! Amazing! We are really excited and confident that we are on the right track to Elevate our business to the next level!

Our business has already changed dramatically in such a short time. Our numbers are growing, and we have been reaching our target set by Elevate. All of this is great, but the best part of that we get to do all of this surrounded by incredible people. We are all family here, and we feel like we are part of something great! So, we are not only elevating the number of closings we do per month, but also we are elevating our lives, and our families lives.

Best move we’ve ever made!”


“As the saying goes: “When the student is ready the teacher appears.” I am so excited to be a part of Elevate Real Estate Brokers! Tim, you have shown us a new way of doing things and it stops the process of manual grunt prospecting. Since taking you up on your offer to Establish and Grow MY very own independent Real Estate Business, I am on target to DOUBLE my business in less than a year with Elevate. I have more leads and appointments than I can get to. The Exclusive marketing systems with Elevate far exceed any other brokerage we have ever affiliated with. No one else on earth ever showed us actually how to “grow” our own business. The support that I get from you, Val, Karla is nothing that I’ve ever seen before. Having been through many Real Estate coaching companies and brokers, I can tell you wholeheartedly, I feel very blessed that I get to learn from someone who has actually built a Million Dollar business. The other aspect that is very close to my heart is the Servant Leadership aspect of Elevate. Again, this is something I’ve never seen before. You lead us by example and teach us so much more than selling homes. You teach us how to be better people, how to give more and how to have a more balanced life. I am grateful that Elevate came into my life when I needed it. Here I feel right at home. Elevate is my family.”


“We have always wanted to have a successful business while living the lifestyle that we wanted. We couldn’t find and think of ways on how to achieve that until I met Tim. I knew it right there and then that he would have the training and vision on how to elevate our business, and have that precious family time as well. The training and support have just been excellent. Everyone has been rather knowledgeable of their fields of expertise. The responsiveness and politeness have also been exceedingly great. We are confident that we can now achieve the work-life balance that we always wanted, thanks to Elevate!”


“I’ve been in the Real Estate industry for more than 14 years now – working in both housing markets of Las Vegas, Nevada, and Clearwater, Florida. Prior to joining Elevate, I was working hard in making a name for myself in the Real Estate business.  I was a solo/independent agent. I felt that there was something missing. I needed a brokerage that had a better understanding, not just of the Real Estate business, but also of my personal growth and development. I also wanted to be part of a community that has prioritized Giving Back. In 2016, I got a call about a training event in Tampa.  This is where I learned about Elevate. Instantly, I knew that Elevate would be the perfect company for me. I was super impressed with their Done-For-You Marketing and Business Strategy. Most of all, Elevate has an amazing culture of serving and promoting the well-being of others first through their Servant Leadership Model. A year after joining Elevate, I earned at least $50K more, and I was able to build a team. I now have 3 buyers agents and assistants. Having a team enabled me to spend more time with my family, and focus on the rain-maker tasks in my business. Tim also helped me establish co-marketing partnerships, getting at least $36k per year to spend on marketing. This has been a tremendous factor in how I am able to close more deals and earn more income.

Here at Elevate, the quality of training is incredible and is available to all agents 24/7. They have put together a tested-and-proven system that works. The culture at Elevate is worth mentioning. Tim and Rosangela have built this family who looks out for each other, always willing to help and promote everyone’s successes. Above all, as inspired by Elevate’s Servant Leadership values, I am able to give back to the community. A portion of every home I sell goes to the Foster Care/Adoptive division to help needy kids that really need the assistance.”


“Wow! Tim and Rosangela… as you know, we attended your very first Live Event here in Orlando where you pitched to us growing our Real Estate Business with Elevate. From the first presentation of the Exclusive Lead Generation System and the Team Building, we knew that we had to get involved. Boy, are we glad we did! Gillian and I have been hovering around 155K in GCI for a couple of years, but ONE YEAR after joining Elevate we have more than DOUBLED our income. We have grown our team from just Gillian and I, to now a team of 9 professionals, including two Inside Sales Agents/Appointment Setters that you hired and trained for us, plus 6 Sales Associates under us. When you said we could rapidly Establish and Grow our own Millionaire Real Estate Business you were SPOT ON! Before you, all we got from others, including our previous brokers was that if we did more we would make more money. But we could not work more than we were already working! But with what you, Rosangela, Val, and Karla and the rest of the staff have given to us, we not accomplish MUCH MORE, we are actually doing LESS! We are on track to become Millionaire agents this year, which is insane! This is just from making the switch to Elevate Real Estate Brokers. We cannot wait to see what the future holds for our team, and we know it’s going to be awesome!”


“I’ve been in Real Estate for many years now and have been successful in terms of sales, but I was missing something. I needed to find a company that could give me a plan and helps me grow my own independent real estate business. I needed to feel like I was part of something. I was looking for direction. I felt that I needed a coach that could help me achieve my financial goals as well as my work-life balance. I was invited to attend one of Tim Johnson’s seminars in Florida last year and I am so glad I went! After hearing his presentation understanding his vision, I knew right there and then that I had to be part of it. I am very pleased with the professionalism and support that I get from the entire team, everyone plays a part in making sure that you will have the coaching you need to understand the system. At Elevate I get my own coach, and I also love the weekly training calls and webinars! I am very happy to be part of Elevate where we treat each and everyone like family. I really am grateful that I can continue to grow my business, and elevate my family’s life. I am excited about the future!”