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Our Story

Tim & Rosangela Johnson started in Real Estate as agents over 10 years ago in the 4th bedroom of their house and then went on to found and build Johnson and Johnson Team Realty, one of America’s first Mega Real Estate Teams. They went from selling 13 homes per year, to selling 400 homes after their third year in Real Estate.The growth and success of Johnson and Johnson Team Realty was outstanding, selling one out of every one hundred homes in Broward and Palm Beach counties. They were able to help hundreds of families buy or sell their home. As the company grew, they also found themselves helping more and more agents and team leaders in their own businesses and lives by following their excellent client-care, proven systems, cutting-edge technology.

And this is how Elevate was born…with a vision that they wanted to build a brokerage that focused not on them, but on other people. They wanted to Elevate others agents and teams.

They wanted to teach them how to go the extra-mile for their buyers and sellers, and offer some unique guarantees and services that would make their Elevate experience remarkable.

They wanted to help Real Estate agents build something that they would be proud of — A successful business that would serve as a vessel to help not just their families and their clients, but also others in need.

As a company, the fact is we still simply exist to serve. If we get that part right, we believe growth will continue to take care of itself.

By providing our real estate professionals with support, technology, and training while encouraging, mobilizing, and equipping them to serve their clients, we have an atmosphere that considers others more important than ourselves. After all, we want our buyers and sellers to experience the highest level of integrity and service when they need it most: when you are making a real estate decision.

And the numbers don’t lie! In 2016, our first year of existence Elevate sold 513 homes, and we’re already surpassed that Year to Date with 649 homes sold.

We have helped so many agents who started by themselves, now have their own teams and the ability to help even more buyers and sellers achieve their dreams!

And we know….Selling a ton of houses, and helping a ton of people is pretty awesome and we’re really, really, proud of all of you.

But our FAVORITE number is the amount of Charities that our Elevate Team Leaders and Agents were able to help as part of their Servant Leadership spirit.

So far this year, our Elevate Real Estate Teams have been able to help numerous Charitable organizations who help all kinds of incredible causes like children with terminal illnesses, orphaned children, veterans, elderly folks, cancer patients, homeless folks, and many more people who really need our help!

We are blessed with the opportunity to help Team Leaders and Agents implement Systems to Help Them Sell More Houses without Working More Hours.

And our plan is to continue to invest in the lives of our Team Leaders, Agents and Staff contributing not only to their professional growth, but to their overall growth as human beings.

We want to continue to Serve others in the community and look outwards rather than inwards, and by doing that, have a real impact in the world.

We’re not just Elevating the way Real Estate is done. We’re Elevating our Agents, our Clients and our Partners.

We’re Elevating Life!

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