Although the real estate market can be slower at the start of the year, it is still very possible to find a buyer for your home. The truth is, during these times the market is less competitive and people are always looking to sell. However, it will be important to stage your home appropriately.

Stage your Backyard

If you want to sell your home prior to spring and summer, it is important to show off the home’s full potential. If your home has a great outdoor space, backyard, or deck stage it as you would in summer. Many people put away their outdoor furniture and don’t stay on top of their outdoors spaces because they figure they won’t spend as much time outside. However, a buyer is looking for a home to enjoy in all seasons. So make sure to stage your backyard and outdoor spaces as if it was summer and you have been enjoying the space every day. Clean off outdoor furniture and tables, trim plants, and clear pathways to help the buyer envision how useful the space will be once the weather warms up.

Light it Up

With shorter and colder days still on the horizon, light is on your side. Always keep all lights on when showing your home. Consider adding more light to rooms that seem dark and uninviting. Keep windows cleaned and the curtains open to allow the maximum amount of light into your home. This will portray a home that is inviting and cozy.

Add Indoor plants

If your garden or curb appeal is lacking vibrant colors because of the cold weather, bring that feeling inside. Decorate your home with luscious plants that add a pop of color and warmth. Make your home an escape from the dreary outdoors.

Keep it Cozy

Don’t skimp on heating your home while you are showing it. Crank up the heat or light a fire and have buyers forget about the cruddy weather outside. If your home feels cozy, potential buyers will want to spend more time inside your home and they won’t have any doubts if your central heating works or not.

Don’t Neglect Curb Appeal

It is easy to put curb appeal aside when the weather is colder. However this is still an important aspect of selling your home. Keep plants trimmed and find plants that can survive through the winter. Another great way to add curb appeal to your home is repainting your front door, adding new porch lights, and placing outdoor furniture on the front porch. Creating an inviting atmosphere goes a long way when selling your home.

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